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Henry van de Velde en Stephan Schön

VIGOT - Fire resistant sleeves

Vigot.There are many important details in the production of fire-resistant sleeves. The required material properties are therefore carefully documented. The quality of this product is very important and should not be neglected, for the safety of your employees and yourself. Cable Connection only works with the best certified products of course.

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Henry van de Velde en Stephan Schön

Cable Connection supplier for the Benelux Walter Schön GmbH Cable Stockings.

Cable Connection is since May 2014 the Benelux supplier for Walter Schön GmbH. The wide range of cable stockings from the range of Walter Schön GmbH are practical tools for laying power cables, control cables, communication cables and power lines, and are also used to relieve the tension of suspended cables and hoses.

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KH Fotografie Harderwijk

Recently Realized

Every day we look for the best solution for every different situation. This coiled cable is custom made for a test bench in coöperation with a machining factory.

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Your supplier for special cables/custom cables

Are you looking for a reliable supplier that also advises you about the possible solutions?
Cable Connection is always willing to work with you.

Fitting advice
Cable Connection offers all sorts of wires and cables, from standard selection electic cables to specialized cables. We always make sure to give you any neccesary advice. We always take your personal preferences , applicability, specific machinery and special circumstances in account to ensure our advice is honest and usefull. Like our cables, our advice is made to fit.

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Cable Connection bases prices on copper value

Preferably you pay a good price for copper when copper value is low. And rightly so.
Why would you pay more if low copper value could save you money?

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Why Cable Connection?

  • We always find the cable you need, even if you didn't thought you would find it anymore
  • Thanks to our straightforward pricing system we can guarantee a competitive price
  • We always provide service and quality!
  • Our experience and expertise guarantee honest and sound advice
  • Our recommendations always apply specifically to your needs and machinery, and suits the desired application.

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